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Here's How I've Helped Hundreds Of Parents and Martial Artists Over 35 Build Lean, Strong, Mobile & Athletic Bodies In Just 90 Days, That Can Last A Lifetime.

Christopher's Story


“I was stuck after gaining weight during the pandemic. I had no energy to play with my kids, and couldn’t even carry in the groceries without feeling winded. I knew I needed to make a change if I wanted to continue being a fun dad in my kids’ lives. Coach Mike’s blueprint was easy to follow and get started with. He explained every detail and kept me motivated the whole program. I am forever grateful for this program for changing my life. Proud to say I’ve lost a ton of the weight I gained strength, and have a lot more energy to enjoy life. Thank you Coach!!” 

Meet your Coaches

"I Founded LOF in 2010 as a fighter to help attract sponsors and aid in my pursuit of a professional MMA career. My goal for LOF is be a resource for those fighting for what they want in life." 
Coach Mike Caulo, NBC-HWC
"I founded LOF in 2010 as a fighter to help attract sponsors and aid in my pursuit of a professional fight career. Over the last decade it’s turned into much more. As a certified health coach, I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life. After becoming a Dad myself, the clients I most started to resonate with and help are busy parents, as well as my original love, martial arts enthusiasts.  My goal for LOF is to be a resource for those fighting for what they want in life.” 
“I have been involved in health and fitness my entire life. After college I left the fitness industry to focus on career and family. After years in a corporate environment I knew it was time to refocus my attention back into becoming a healthier version. With a full background of credentials Mike and I have formed a team to help clients find their way to a better, more healthy lifestyle.Our goal is to help get you on the right path for nutrition and fitness. Once you are on the right path we give you options to help you stay the course or walk the course with you.” 

- Coach Chuck Campagna, CPT

Accelerated Fat Loss


The dietary approach that works is the one that you can stick to! Your diet guide is customized based on YOUR goals and your adherence.  I won't force you into a diet that is unsustainable. We work together during this process. Don't worry, I won't give you a diet of chicken, brown rice and broccoli! Furthermore you DON'T have to give u the foods you love. The key is understanding the right balance. Bottom line, I have a solution for you even if you think you have tried it all.

Chuck age 42 and Pina age 40, busy parents of 2

Build Lean, Athletic, Functional Muscle.


You don't need to train every day.  Matter of fact no one should ever workout every day. All you need is 3-4 days per week. I developed the Body Recomp Blueprint 2.0 using an intelligent training method.  The 90 day journey is developed using my proven 3 Phase Peak Performance Protocol: Foundational Strength, Fat Loss / Conditioning followed by Strength and Lean Muscle Development. This protocol is designed for those who want to lose fat, but lean muscle while keeping your joints healthy. This blueprint is for the long haul. We will get you the body you want and keep it!

Kyle Age 34  Busy parent of 2 and martial arts enthusiast

Improve Mobility / Overcome Aches and Pains

 The key to continuous progress is how you prepare and prime your body before exercising. I give you a specific routine that will help you overcome physical restrictions such as pain,  improve your mobility and bullet proof your joints so that you can keep training for the next 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years!

Johnny, age 36, martial arts enthusiast 

Reverse Aging/ Improve Longevity


This coaching program is designed to set you up for long term success. We are focusing on longevity based principles that are a combination of my 15+ years as a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength Conditioning Specialist, Professional Martial Artist, Certified Nutrition Coach, and Board Certified Health Coach.  My goal is never short term or short lasting results.  This program is YOUR blueprint that will take you to your ideal body and have you sustain these results for life.

Woody, age 50, busy professional 

Program Overview (What You Get)...

  • My Mobile App with your custom Training and Nutrition Protocol  delivered to you in a simple to understand step by step system. 
  • An Extensive Resource Library where I personally support you with education and strategy to keep making long term progress.
  • Video check ins with me to measure your progress and adjust programming as needed
  • Multi-Weekly coaching for accountability & support.
  •  Flexible Nutrition & Supplement Protocol specific to your needs and goals.
  • Community Support from men just like you on the same journey.


Body Recomposition Transformations


Who The Body Recomp Blueprint is for:


 Busy Martial Art Dads between 30 - 59 years old who have the goal of losing up to 25 lbs of fat and gaining 7 lbs of lean muscle in the next 90 days.


Busy Martial Art Dads  who are willing to be coachable and are committed to long term and sustainable results.


Busy Martial Art Dads who are willing to commit to 45-50 minutes per day/ 3 to 4 day per week training program for the next 12 weeks.


Busy Martial Art Dads who are willing to be guided into a flexible nutrition protocol.


Who The Body Recomp Blueprint is NOT for:


Busy Martial Art Dads looking for a quick fix or an easy path.


Busy Martial Art Dads who aren't NOT coachable and who want to put in minimal effort.


Busy Martial Art Dads who don't have access to a gym or home gym or are unwilling to get a membership